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Unique Concept

Unique Concept

Inspired by the city of Brussels - the origin of waffles, Wafflin’ Around offers Belgian Waffle sandwiches which are freshly baked for a reasonable price in a cycle themed waffle cafe.



Staying in sync with our concept, Wafflin’ Around has a classic European ambience, exhibiting Brusselian shades. We have a cycle mounted brick wall depicting the one thing which is common between Pune and Brussels apart from Waffles.

What's Special

What's Special

The Wafflin’ Around Freakshake, our savoury waffles,

Max Munchies and of course the DBC and Red Velvet Oreo; all of it served with a smile and warmth.

Wafflin’ Around For You

We now have another thing in common – Waffles. Set in a rustic European ambience with its trademark cycle wall, and nostalgic feel, Wafflin’ Around offers waffle lovers a place to enjoy conversations.

Match Cinamon

Matcha Cinnamon Creamcheese

Belgian Matcha Waffle + Caramel Sauce + Cinnamon Dust + Cream Cheese.

Dark Misu


Edible Charcoal Waffle + Coffee Caramel + Mascarpone Cream + Coffee Ice Cream + Topped with Chocolate Dust.

Red Velvate

Red Velvet Creamcheese Freakshake.

Red Velvet Waffle Blended with Cream Cheese + White Choco Chips + Red Velvet Cupcake + Vanilla Ice Cream + Topped with a Waffle & House Made White Chocolate Sauce and Cream Cheese


D - Chaitraban Society,
Shop 4, Sarjaa hotel road, Opposite Croma, Aundh,
Pune, 411007.

Phone : +91 98508 89029
Support : +91 98508 89029


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